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Cherry Hill, NJ


Enhancing the Dignity of women in need by Distributing
NEW Bras and Feminine Hygiene Products.


While a bra or a box of tampons will not fix their past, we hope in a small way we nurture their present with the underlying message these items send – “you are in our thoughts and we care about you and your future.”

Mother's Day

Joanie Balderstone

For the past four years, I have not looked at the calendar to see when Mother’s Day falls.  I have been able to rely on the flood of emails from restaurants and retailers to remind me it is around the corner.  In truth, I don’t look because unfortunately it’s become a day I am no longer personally beholden to.

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Making the Transition

Justine Zeroski

Distributing Dignity exists to help women in transition.  For some, this transition is immediate and short lived.  For others, the transition might be long in the making and may take some time to complete.  Each woman has her own history, her own goals and her own unique path ahead.  We come together as an organization to say outwardly to each one of them that we are here to help them with a very basic need while communicating a quiet yet poignant message that we see their value as people…as women.

All of us begin our own transition as we say goodbye to 2013 and begin the new year.  In years past, I found myself wishing away the old year and putting high hopes and expectations on the new one.  How many times I thought, “this will be the year I…”  This year is different.  This year I am splitting my emotions between celebrating how truly remarkable my 2013 was and embracing the excitement I feel for all that 2014 holds in store.  I cannot recollect EVER feeling this way, this time of year before.  So what is different this time?  It is all the people and gifts and momentum and promise that Distributing Dignity has brought into MY life. 

My transition was long in the making and it is far from being complete but of one thing I am certain.  It was made possible by all the people along the way who have said to me through their support, “we see your value…as a person…and as a woman.”  Thank you, Distributing Dignity, for helping this woman in need.