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Cherry Hill, NJ


Enhancing the Dignity of women in need by Distributing
NEW Bras and Feminine Hygiene Products.

Give Some Dignity

Enhancing the Dignity of women in need by Distributing new bras & feminine hygiene products.

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What We Need

  • NEW Bras 

  • Feminine Hygiene Products

(Unopened Packages of Tampons & Pads)

(Unopened Packages of Tampons & Pads)

(Tags Still Attached)

(Tags Still Attached)

Who We Help

Distributing Dignity partners with nonprofit organizations that service women who are:

  • In and Aging out of foster care

  • Seeking refuge from domestic violence or abuse

  • Homeless: veterans, teens and others

  • Struggling with life altering illness

  • Displaced by disaster

If you shop on Amazon, you now have the option to have .5% of your purchase go to Distributing Dignity.

We are helping to put these girls back on their feet! We’ll never meet any of them, but we can take comfort in knowing that we have done something to help our sisters.
Any one of us could have been in need.
— Vivian, Hammonton, NJ